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Water, feed, drainage?

Mind all Florero®!

Florero® improves the life of your plants, in pots or in the ground! No matter what shape or size, all of your “green friends” deserve a Florero®.

Water reserve always available! Thanks to Florero® all of the water put in the pot (by you or by Mother Nature …) is stored at the right depth so your plants’ roots can reach it easily! And stop the precious liquid from being wasted in the saucer, on your floors or in the deep layers of the soil, where it can’t be reached!

Fertilisers liquid, granular and sticks, don’t bother me anymore! The slow release fertiliser, contained inside Florero®, ensures the right amount of nutritional substances for your plants, for the whole growing season! Florero® also absorbs all chemical elements that are added to the water! So it retains fungicide, bactericide, fertilising solutions etc. and returns them to the roots, according to your plants’ needs.

Professional drainage! In the home or on the terrace, you no longer need all the necessary material to make the proper drainage for your plants (pebbles, perlite, stones, felt, etc.); Florero® contains everything you need inside the pack for an effective and lasting drainage system, suitable for all plant types!

Bye-bye, Green sitter! All year round, quench your plants’ thirst only at the weekend! Just once a week, and they will thrive for 14 days! And you can go on holiday without a care, and without having to leave your house keys with friends, relatives or porters! Succulents, cacti and bonsais can easily use Florero® too, there will never be too much water or not enough water, they can get it themselves!

Water at leisure … Florero® means you can reduce the watering frequency (2 waterings out of 3 become unnecessary). As the water is gradually absorbed by your plants’ root apparatus, Florero® returns to its original size. But each time it comes into contact with rain water or water it expands immediately up to a limit of 450 times its dry weight!

Easy potting and re-potting! All you have to do is open the pack, put Florero® in water, wait 20 minutes, to give the crystals inside time to expand completely (they absorb up to 450 times their weight in water!!), put Florero® in a pot with a suitable diameter (see items list) or in a hole in the ground, add your plant and the soil and….the job is finished! Maximum time 3 minutes!

Hydroponics? NO THANKS! Hydroponic growing is advantageously used with tropical green plants, or hybrids of them. The most common are Ficus benjamina, Dieffenbachia, Monstera, Dracaena, Phiilodendron, Scheffler, Yucca, Singonium, Beaucarnea etc. ... Plants generally without flowers, otherwise subject to rapid drying. Only certain types of flowering plants are suitable for hydroponic: Kalanchoe, Hibiscus, Spathiphyllum, Anthurium, Euphorbia milii, Saintpaulia etc. ...

Florero ® is suitable for all types of plants: green, flowers, annual, perennials, evergreens, cacti, succulents ... and bonsais too!

It can also be used to create and maintain a moist environment below your orchid plants! Just put the jar containing your orchid on a saucer (or other container) in which you placed Florero® (after hydrated), and they will always be a finger of water. In this way the orchid's roots  may not reach directly contact the liquid and not run the risk of rot dangerous radical, but slowly and steadily evaporating the water below and within Florero® ensure a moist environment around the plant, as recommended by the best breeders of orchids and all growing manuals!

Knock out Mosquitoes! Florero® reduces stagnating water in saucers, which can become a breeding ground for insect larvae on balconies and terraces.

Roots very good! The water, which is entirely available in the form of gel, does not encourage rotting of the root apparatus, which is one of the main causes of pot plants withering and dying prematurely.

Puss and Fido OK! Florero® stops unwanted substances from reaching the saucer and stagnating. So our four-legged friends can’t accidentally drink contaminated water! Florero® also prevents particles of soil from being washed out during watering, leaving unattractive deposits in the saucer.

Stop bad bugs from hiding in Your Pots! Slugs, small snails, earwigs, millipedes, and sow bugs love to hide in the drain holes in pots. Over time, soil falls out of the drain holes, creating little caves for leaf-eating bugs to hide in during the daytime. They then crawl out at night to do their dining damage. You can stop this easily placing one Florero® in every pot, to create a shade cloth barrier over the drain holes. Florero® will keep all the soil in the pot while still providing adequate drainage, and keep all the bad bugs out!

Easy re-potting! No more knocks, broken pots or harmful shakes! Florero® makes it easy to remove root balls, even from terracotta pots, thanks to the wrapping which covers the root ball, avoiding contact with rough or uneven surfaces.

Swelling and contracting as result of a purely mechanical action, Florero® has a positive effect by removing soil, airing it and enriching it with oxygen!
Thanks to the material used to make Florero®, terracotta pots do not come into direct contact with damp soil, preventing unattractive stains of saltpetre from forming on the outer surface!
The polyacrilamide crystals in Florero® are a pure, non toxic product (controlled by the Pasteur Institute), which do not pose a threat to people and animals.
Florero® is resistant to extreme temperatures (from -30°C to + 120°C), and can be used at altitudes.

Florero® creates optimum conditions for your plants to thrive, without being professional gardeners.


Green fingers for everyone!




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Rosa var. Meillandina + Florero® 

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Yucca gloriosa + Florero®

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Opuntia monacantha + Florero®

Orchidea Phalaenopsis + Florero®

Orchidea Phalaenopsis + Florero® (detail)

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